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The Vayalux Knee Exercise Program is a set of carefully designed, gentle routine that can improve the muscle strength, muscle endurance, and flexibility of the supportive structures around the knees as well as with the overall balance of your lower extremities. Learn safe and proper exercise techniques that can help with your chronic knee pain. Now, let’s kick start your healthy and active life!

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Improve the health and function of your knees Has your knee pain ever stopped you from enjoying activities that you like, such as sports, travelling, gardening, or even just getting around the house? Chronic knee pain can affect your daily and active life.

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At Vayalux, we focus on the enhancement of personal health and wellness. The name, Vayalux, represents the lighting of a path to a healthy life with energy, vigor, and vitality. We want to be a part of your plan to dial up their healthy living and to kick start your active life.